Meine Kreationen entstehen in einem Prozess welcher eine tiefe meditative Qualität hat. Für mich ist es jedes mal eine Befreiung, eine Reise welche mich das Leben genießen lässt, mich mit neuer Energie versorgt und meine kleinen Gebrechen vergessen lässt. Malen und Schreiben ist meine große Leidenschaft und um so mehr freue ich mich meine Werke zu teilen und einem Publikum zugänglich machen zu können. 

Painting gives me joy and relaxation. It takes me into a world full of dreams. Painting freed me when I was trapped in illness.  My creations are created in a process that has a deeply meditative quality. For me it is a liberation every time, a journey that lets me enjoy life provides me with new energy, and lets me forget my small infirmities. Painting and writing is my great passion and I am all the happier to share my works and make them accessible to a wider public. thank you for visiting! 

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Abstract Painting Exhibition

I am so thrilled to announce that “Noey” Thunyaporn Chuchuen with” Samurai”, acrylic on canvas, 50×70 cm is taking this painting with her as a seed for a permanent exhibition of my paintings. The plan is to decorate her  Healthcare Center, located in Chang Mai, Thailand with my paintings as she feels that they exude positive, healing energy. Since the Center consists of a four-story building, plenty of space will be available.  One idea is to create a room that will be displaying my art on all walls – Top to Bottom. Inundated with my motives the relaxing atmosphere could support any healing process.  

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I am still an ardent believer in cryptocurrency.   So feel free to obtain my works with bitcoin or any similar currency.   

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