Here I present various paintings in different stages of completion. The canvas in black is still in the need of a few more layers and sanding. I need a very smooth surface as I aspire to give the viewer the impression that it is a print rather than a handmade painting. I will post regular updates on my works on this page. So feel free to join me every once in a while if you like! 

I am really happy with the color combination of this painting. I usually have the muse kiss me while I am falling asleep. The time span just before sleeping is very relaxing for me and I am able to focus on my dreams and the colors I envision in this world. Then I have to try to recreate the colors of my dreams. This is not always easy but we have some very good art material suppliers and more often than not I find the basics I need. I feel with the painting above I am very lucky. 

Those are some test drawings. Maybe I will exhibit them one day. 

Here I am working with pearl blue, an interesting color that I still have to get used to, because of the effects it has. Very interesting and exciting color. I will present you the final result ASAP.

This painting is still in its very early stage. To create a smooth surface, I first glue a smooth fiber tissue on top of the coarse canvas. After that, I apply many layers of (in this example) black paint and sand it back with wet sandpaper as to obtain a very smooth surface. The preparation of the canvas takes pretty long but it is the only way to achieve the desired result. The alternative would be to paint on wood. I did that a few times and came to realize that it does not suit me. Hence, sandpaper here I come! 

I found her Ladyship discarded and disheveled by the roadside so thought to save her (Or at least the canvas, would be a pity to let it go to waste really). Now, as soon as I have decided on the colors, I will add my “aboriginal” touch to her. 

To get the colors just right, exactly the way I envision them is an exciting thing to do. Often it takes a while and I must admit, that I am working on creating a blue with a metallic hue, but I can´t seem to get it right at the moment.  It will come to me. 

Another “Testing board”. As you can see, it has been used over and over again.